Number reassignement for 06-07

Hello everyone I spoke with my teacher and robotics team mentor and he said our vex number was changed from 68 to 3036 I highly doubt that their are that many teams so i don’t know the reason

When all else fails, check the FAQs:

There isn’t an FRC 18 atm, so I hope they let us chose FVC 18 again… :frowning:
We’ve grown attached…

This is a bit confusing.

If they’re assigning Vex teams numbers like 2148 because they’re trying to avoid confusion with FRC teams, what numbering scheme are they going to use for rookie FRC teams? Aren’t we at about the time when the FRC numbering ought to begin at 2000?

team 2000 will be born this year as well as 2100 and maybe 2200, but this change in numbers is confusing, ive had VEX team numbers memorized…now im just lost.

I might be wrong, but I thought the two-thousand series would indicate that you were a Vex team from season two (2005-2006); the three-thousand series is being assigned to rookie FVC teams because this is technically the third season. And they are offering the option of having the same number as your FRC team because teams asked for it last year. But that’s just speculation on my part. And once we hit 1000 FVC teams, the numbering scheme falls apart anyway! (Let’s aim for that THIS year!)

Yes, that’s correct – it’s just that the reasoning presented, that FVC 148 may be confused with FRC 148 and thus will be assigned as FVC 2148 doesn’t make too much sense when there’s a pretty good chance there will be an FRC 2148 this season.

I don’t know if it’s so much confusion as folks wanting to keep their numbers the same. I can think of two FVC teams in Atlanta that were switched to their FRC numbers, 935 and 148 (who, as there already was an FVC 148, were dubbed 1148). I can only imagine that there were others over the season that either wanted it or asked about it who didn’t come to Atlanta.

Personally, I don’t care one way or the other, but I hope that these numbers stick.

Okay, so I’m the only one who’s confused, then :slight_smile: I can accept that.

This is what I get for paying no attention to Vex at all.

Yes there were multiple teams to do this Billfred. I know FVC 173 had opened up for some reason, so FRC 173 requested a number shift to FVC 173 from some other FVC number(of which I don’t remember)

I just received a change to our FVC team number this year. So instead of being 3031, we’re now (2 or 3)228. Keeping the numbers the same will help a lot.

Last year at the Hartford FVC event, our team’s registration payment was credited to FVC team 228 because it was paid with a check from our FRC 228 team’s account. :ahh:

Luckily, it was cleared up a few days before the tournament.

Wouldn’t it just be FVC 228, since that’s an FRC number?

Thanks everyone it still kinda stinks though cause now we’re gonna have to design new shirts. The General assuption is that my team number will be changed to 2816

Not quite. Since your FRC number is 816, your FVC number will be 816. 2816 would be reserved for the team known as FVC 816 last season, assuming that team didn’t have an FRC affiliation.

Thank you for clarifing that issue After rereading the rules I understood exactly.

let the FAQ info be your friend :wink:

Yup just rechecked. I thought they were still tacking a 2000 or 3000 number onto the FRC team number, but they’re not.