Number/Type of Motors

If we are given 2 Van Door Motors and 2 servo(motors0 in the Kit, Can we use 1 Van door and 3 servos?

I understand that Update#9 states “We will allow you to use more than 2 hitec servos on your robot. They will still be treated as Motors, however, with regards to modifications.”

Does this mean that we could run 5,6, or 7 servos if we need to?
We are looking at using 2 servos for the IR Sensor sweeping, and show a need for additional servos for other (undisclosed) purposes on the robot.


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You can’t use more then the quantity of each type of motor in the kit, with the exception of servos. Thus, if you could use 10 servos if you wanted, but only a maximum of 1 van door motor (since that is how many got in the kit). It doesn’t matter if you use less of one motor, you still can’t use more of another.

We are only using 5 of the existing kit 'o parts (I mixed up the type) but are planning on using several Servos (3-6).

Next question, Are we also stuck to only HS311 or HS322, or can we use other servos models ie. HS81 (smaller/lighter/same voltage etc.)

Thanks again,


Only those two models.