Numbering Rules

I’ve looked up and down the game manual but I cannot find any rule about the robot numbers this year. Are they sticking with what they came up with last year and force us to only use black or can we go back to being more creative again?

R28. Standard stroke, white or white outline, on the bumpers.

And they’re a little less picky about the “outline”–

I meant on the actual robot. They mentioned about sponsors and such but there’s nothing about numbering.

Nothing saying it can’t be there, nothing saying it has to be there. I would consider it a “decoration” myself (admittedly a functional one).

Last year they made such a big to do about it.

That’s because last year, the “official” numbers had to be on the robot (bumpers were optional). This year, they’re on the bumpers again.

There was never a restriction on how many numbers OTHER than the official ones you had on your robot last year. You just had to have the official ones to be legal.

Clearly stated under bumper rules:

R28 Team numbers must be displayed and positioned on the BUMPERS such that an observer walking around the perimeter of the ROBOT can unambiguously tell the Team’s number from any point of view and meet the following additional criteria: A. consist of numerals at least 4 in. high, at least ½ in. in stroke width, and be either white in color or outlined in white B. must not wrap around sharp corners (less than 160 degrees) of the FRAME PERIMETER There is no prohibition against splitting Team numbers onto different sections of BUMPER. The intent is that the Team’s number is clearly visible and unambiguous so that Judges, Referees, Announcers, and other Teams can easily identify competing ROBOTS.

So whatever we do on the robot does not fall under any rule guidelines I suppose.