Numbers for top-down view


Watching matches today, I just had a thought. We should encourage teams to put their number and/or team logo somewhere on top of their robot, so it’s readable from the full field camera view.


I vote we just mandate the Orlando regional moves their camera.


What if, hear me out, all events just use a static full field view.

Numbers for top down view would be neat though, we just need TBA to create an overlay that tracks robot locations.


No. This year has been one of the worst for the top down views, and it would be atrocious to try and watch all events without ever knowing whos who.


I am enjoying the top down view for a change from the other webcasts…
Yeah, I am not sure which team is which, but I can tell which Robots are blue and red.

Great way to analyze gameplay and see defensive strategies.

As a Game Announcer who is frustrated with far field blind spots this year, I like this view.
I have learned to identify Robots by their top structures when announcing.