Numbers on Bumpers...

Due to my team not meeting today I decided to bring home the bumpers to put the numbers on. I am doing this using a stencil that I made for our team number and spray painting the numbers on. I want to know what your team used for the numbers because I am finding myself using an excessive number of coats…

We silk screened our numbers on which seemed to work really well.

Sharpie paint markers. Gold for our team colors.

We use paint. I know 1732 sews their numbers on (it looks really nice).

We sew ours on, and Katie is right - sewing them on DOES look nice. These are ours from last year, and we’re doing the same this year (but with the proper bumper colors and no excess lines on the side of the numbers).

My team is sewing them on this year, too. It looks nice and, since it is not paint, it will not chip off during the competition. But hey, it’s up to you how you want to put your numbers on.

Hm…are you already trying to spray-paint directly onto your bumpers? Maybe you should test it out on scrap pieces first, just to see how that works out. If you don’t like it, you can always go for another method. But if it’s too late, just hope for the best.

Try using fabric paint.

Ours were embroided by a mentors’ aunt.

We hand paint ours with a brush and then take a maker around the edges to give a clean, professional look.

Our team is getting a stencil and spray paint to do our numbers. Another team we saw did it and it turned out great. Then again, another team tried it, only to ruin 2 of their bumpers on saturday.

I tried spray paint on a scrap piece of fabric and it didn’t work good at all.

Those that had there numbers silk screened did you do it before or after the bumper was assembled? We would like to have it done after is that possible?

We made stencils, traced them, and filled in the outline with fabric paint.

We’re reusing the same covers this year, and the numbers have held up very well.

We did ours before the bumpers were assembled. I don’t know if you can silk screen them after they are assembled.

To silkscreen, the fabric needs to be flat.
But, you can always paint silkscreen ink onto the bumpers.

Spray paint is absorbed into the fabric. Try a few thin coats of white before using colored spray paint. Or “prime” the fabric with artist’s gesso (which is white) and then paint on the color.

We had ours screen printed at a place in st. Paul, and they turned out fabulous.

There is a fabric spray paint at WalMart that some of our students came back with. There’s some splatter, but all in all they turned out well. I’d advise you to MASK really, really well. Oh, and one of the cans was defective and had to be exchanged, so be aware of that issue. I believe it was in the Arts and Crafts area…not the paint area. (and it didn’t dry tacky like some paints will).

Has anyone tried self adhesive vinyl numbers from Chartpak? Will inspectors actually measure the numbers? I can get 3" but not 4" in the short time we have until pack and ship time! Any help would be appreciated:eek:

Great Bot! We’re just down the road in Arlington. Can/would you please let me know where you got the screening done? I’d like to use a place that already knows what we’re trying to do. I would appreciate it!

Our bot is definitely simpler…y’all have done a superb job! Looking forward to seeing you on the field!

Fabulous is an understatement

I think it was done by someone in the school district, but someone that does t-shirt silk screening should be able to do it for you. You might want to contact our coach Phil Harris at [email protected] for more ideas on that.Thank you for the great complements we would love to have y’all come out and see us sometime.