NURC: Ustream Broadcast Tonight

I will be broadcasting the National Underwater Robotics Competition, hosted at Chandler High, tonight at 8pm up until 4am. (provided the internet there is adequate)

Its last minute notice that I decided to do this but I’d appreiciate if you could tell as many people so we can get a decent audience going.

You can also watch the watch the live broadcast:

from the control room which will be showing the MC presentation (Don Knignt of FIRST fame), poolside commentary and various views underwater and the video from each ROV.

Watch for Mark Leon (you know, the NASA FIRST announcer with the blue hair) who will be interacting with he teams.

Tonight starts at 7 PM (MST, PST 10 PM EDT) until ??? (maybe 8 hours of broadcast)

official website:

Sweet, I know what I am watching tonight!