Nut for Bimba Piston

I have run into a simple issue. I just received our AndyMark 2 Gen 2 pneumatic shifters and started working on it when I realized that I do not have the nut that holds the piston onto gearbox. According to the PDF on AndyMark’s site it should come with the piston (3/4" bore, 1" stroke pneumatic cylinder. Bimba part #: M-041-DP) but it did not. Not a big deal except for the fact that I cant find a nut to go on it at all. Does anyone know what size it is? Thanks.


We had the same problem that you did. We got the same size cylinder but couldn’t find the nut to go with it. It was a while ago but I think I remeber it being a 5/8-16. I’m pretty sure of the size and less on the thred pitch.

Hope this helps

I should have said that I was pretty sure that it was 5/8in but I didnt know that the thread was. All I saw at Lowes did not work. I think it was 5/8-11. Ill have to go back. Can anyone confirm exactly what I need? Thanks.

Pretty close guys, but a 3/4" bore bimba cylinder takes a 5/8" - 18 Threaded nut.

This is straight from the pneumatics manual. We have had to buy a bunch on our own in the past.

Duh, I cant believe I didnt check the manual. Thanks!

If you can’t find it at Home Depot/Lowes then try a local hardware store, autoparts store or you can order them from MSC or McMaster-Carr, although there may be a minimun order for the last two.

I couldn’t find it at Lowes or Home Depot so yesterday I placed a McMaster-Carr order with some other stuff that I needed to order.