NUTRONs Career Day Livestream - 12/13 @ 7EST

Hey CD!

FRC 125 NUTRONs will be hosting our 2nd Annual Career Day tomorrow at 7pm EST and streaming live from SONOS Inc in Boston! Tune in for coverage of Internships, Prepping for Interviews, Resume Building, College Selection and Applications. There will be great Q&A featuring FIRST Alumni, FIRST Scholarship recipients and professionals in STEM.

We’ll be doing 3 sessions:
-Internships: Q&A on preparing for a job, the interview process, and conducting yourself as a business professional.

-Resume Building: Resumes are a crucial tool to communicate your work and experience. They can also help you figure out what your skills and experience are and how to market yourself. Students and college mentors will create a list of skill sets, experience and accomplishments to begin understand how to present themselves in a compelling manner via their resume.

-The College Process/Experience: Taking a look at a few colleges/the application process. FIRST Alumni and Scholarships winners will discuss their majors, why they chose their college, the college experience, and much more!

Live Stream 7pm EST:

We hope some of you will find this interesting and valuable! It was a great event last year for us and we’re excited to open it up to the larger FRC community!