Nventivity Digital Scouting System now available!

The !Nventivity Digital Scouting System is now ready for production.
Here is the link

Here is another option to the Nintendo DS version, by the guys over at Buena H.S. in Sierra Vista, AZ
The SCOUT is designed by Dr. Karen Suhm, of the one “man” company of !Nventivity, and mentor to team 842
Falcon Robotics was the test bed for this system. It proved invaluable!

Check out the website and see what you think…

I am surprised no one is checking this out :frowning:

It’s interesting, but for $600 for a full set I am going to just prefer paper and pencil.

That’s my problem exactly. I like scouting, and we’re working on a new system of our own, but we can’t justify getting fewer than six, nor can we justify spending over $700 for a system.

I’d have to agree. This is much needed, and we’d love to purchase some, but we’re just now starting to get better funding to do off-season/multiple regionals. Even if we had the “monies”, I’m not sure if we’d all be on the same page. Still waiting on either the DS system or something basic from another team. Not bashing it or anything. Don’t get me wrong, if we get to that status I’ll hop on the site in a flash. Just a lot of teams right now are barely making regionals year-to-year.

[Edit: Maybe if I could “review” one of them I might be able to persuade 'em to maybe one day think of talking about deciding on it.] :smiley:

That is an impressive system. As noted in previous posts, the $120 price tag is a bit steep.

I’ll have to see if we can fit the expense into the team budget.

What about long term support? Will you be charging for firmware upgrades in '09, '10, and later?

If I can make a case for using this platform 3 or 4 years out, I might be able to justify the initial investment.

Yes I agree it is expensive, but it will last years and the updates are free for the following years. For us it pays in the information it provides for us about teams. I guess you have to ask yourself how important is it to you. maybe teams get go in on this together and share the data?

I’ll see if I can sell it to my team. The kids will like the videogame interface.

Although I’ll never be able to figure it out:o . Too old for that kind of thing.