Hi! We are Mev Makers 6416 from Istanbul/Turkey.

We can process the image on autonomous. We can move the servo motor with image processing.

We have a NVIDIA Jetson TX1.So my question is how can I use jetson now?

Here are a few questions:

1)I have searched the connection between ROBORIO and JetsonTX1 from many source but I’m still confused. I need some clear information. I would like to try connect JetsonTX1 but I dont want to make a short circuit.

2)What I need to setup when I using JetsonTX1?Jetpack is okey but Java Ubuntu Version(?), GRIP Ubuntu Version? Some people say that you have to setup Java on your Jetson.I still confused and excited lol.

3)Some people say that they have to run an OpenCVTegra script code for the use TX1’s GPU on Image Proccesing.

  1. What kind of connection type should we use on TX1 and roboRIO?(SSH Etc.)

And I would like to thanks to Team 900’s Mentor Marshall for the giving information about GRIP and TX1. Have a nice day guys! :o