This will be the successor board to the Jetson TK1. Details at the following links:

900 will definitely be buying some. :slight_smile:

For anyone interested in the older TK1 boards, NVIDIA is running a promotion and selling them for $99. They are backordered, but it still allowed me to order one.
Link to promo

Awesome! I saw that the other day and I didn’t think to post about it. Yep, those are great boards! They were also available last year via FIRST Choice. We certainly had fun with ours last year in St Louis.

My biggest issue last year with the TK1 was dead boards. We started with 3, have 1 totally dead and another that will freeze at uboot 90% of the time.

We’ve used on board computers for 4 years now, these were the first to give us this level of problems. What would be awesome would be for the Shield TV (which also has a TX1) to support Ubuntu with the linux4tegra software stack.

I think you’ll see a port once it becomes available. The price and form factor are hard to ignore for the SHIELD.

Amazon has them for $25 at this moment, I picked one up. It’s possible that even without linux (just an android app), this would work well. In my experience I’ve found the official android builds to be more stable and performant in any case.

Supposedly the educational pricing for the TX1 development kit is $299. Has anyone found any information on where/how to get one at this price?

Over on the Nvidia Developer Forums:


Later this week, we will add a link on the site to apply for the EDU discount, either by entering your EDU email address or with instructions provided for registering your organization. After receiving the discount code you will need to enter it during check-out, after which the discount will be applied to your order.

Not sure about the $25 pricing but most of the libraries exist for Android and you can do Android development with the SHIELD so that would be a good solution.

Yeah, the Shield is $175 right now on Amazon, making it $125 less than the TX1. CUDA and OpenCV are here: https://developer.nvidia.com/codeworks-android

The one downside is the power is a weird connector at 19 volts/2.1A, so less than ideal on the bot.

Whoops, good catch, I meant “$25 off”.

Finally got around to making a case for this beast. It should fit any MITX case but wanted to make a custom one: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1217209

The case looks fantastic, it would look great in clear acrylic, or any other colour. Have you thought about making a grill or filter over the fan hole, to prevent swarf and other particulates entering the case?

Thanks! I did but I opted to just leave it open for now.