NXT Controller Batteries?

I saw someone mention this in another thread, but no answer came of it and it wasn’t the topic of the thread. So, my question is, if we use the NXT controller, can we use the rechargeable battery pack that comes with it? Or do we have to find some way to use the 12 volt rechargeable battery that comes in the Mini Kit from FIRST Choice? I figured that would power the motor controller by itself, but the rules state that you can only have the one battery pack. :confused:

Can we use the other battery?

I hope to have this clarified in a future update, but I believe the new rules about computing devices apply here. That being said, I would expect that battery that powers the NXT brick is included in that wording. The NXT battery does not power anything externally except the sensors, if any, that are now allowed to be used per Team Update #1.

Alright, thank you very much!

I would think that the special cases of <R34> and <R35> for batteries contained in COTS computing devices is intended specifically to allow this. I also think <R92> was written under the assumption that NXT batteries are part of the NXT. If you are still unsure, Q&A it.

The rechargeable batteries are optional for NXT and can be recharged without removing them as I remember. This allows teams (FLL and FTC) who use them to construct a robot around the brick without having to disassemble to charge or replace batteries.