NXT Ultrasound sensor?

Has anyone tried to use the NXT ultrasound sensor? Does a Labview/FRC vi exist for the sensor?

Thanks for any help!

Bob Holmstrom
Mentor Team 2411

It isn’t an I2C standard sensor, so you’d have to find some other way of interfacing it.

OK - There is a ultrasonic vi in the example code provided that uses a sensor labeled SRF04 - There seems to be quite a number of ultrasonic sensors out there that use that part number, but the information at http://www.acroname.com/robotics/info/articles/devantech/srf.html#e11 that describes the devantech SRF04 and SRF05 seems to resemble the information in the ultrasonic VI. Has anyone used this sensors in a FRC application?

Bob Holmström


Actually, the NXT ultrasound is I2C. You may be confusing this with the VEX ultrasound which is not (it’s discrete digital).

Hopefully, this document should give you everything you need.