NY Regionals and Options 2018

Some of us have been keeping track of these on our own and the various rumors.
Currently posted NY events:

Week 3:
Tech Valley Regional
Finger Lakes Regional
Week 4:
Hudson Valley Regional
Week 6:
New York City Regional

Unposted but confirmed by Mark below:
SBPLI 1&2 (MTW/ThFS of Week 7)

Rumor that has been swirling that it would be great if someone could confirm/deny:

a Utica-area, potentially SUNY Poly Regional?

Additional options for NY teams include:
Montreal (Week 1)
Pittsburgh (Week 4)
Miami Valley (Week 1)
Buckeye (Week 5)

Any information people have would be welcomed.

I haven’t heard anything more than this yet. Team 5202, the New Rochelle New Ro-Bots, will be planning on competing at Hudson Valley again this year, though will have to miss NYC for our first time since rookie year. Our Coach (me, its me) is getting married, and scheduled the wedding for Spring Break. These things happen.

We are looking forward to seeing as many teams as we can this year, and are expecting to host kickoff again for the Lower Hudson Valley teams.

Buckeye has been posted and is Week 5. There are no new Regionals this year in Ohio.

SBPLI on Long Island is planned to be two back-to-back events (M-T-W) (Th-F-S) week 7
It’s dodging Easter week this year.

How about holding your wedding on the field?
Similar to that wedding at CMP the frisbee year.

This is like a worst-case scenario for event planning in NY if the Utica rumor doesn’t hold up. And even then it’s pretty bad.

Realistic options that don’t break the bank for downstate teams are competing in any of weeks 4/6/7/7. That means if downstate teams want to compete at events that aren’t back to back, they have to go to HVR Week 4, which isn’t a high capacity event, and they’ll be competing with upstate teams for slots.

Upstate teams are all across the board, but for the most part, we have access to events in weeks 3/3/4/4. If we want to compete at events that aren’t back-to-back, we need to travel more than 5 hours anywhere and sometimes across a border.

And these are avoidable conflicts. In 2014 RPI and RIT had the same break and they figured it out to not be on the same week.

We’re creating new, district-sized events, scheduling them at inconvenient times, and charging more for them than we would under a district system.

I agree that it seems to be more difficult for NY teams to find events that are not in conflict with each other or consecutive weeks. Both of which are not desirable.

The good news is that I think all these regionals popping up is positioning us to make an easier transition to districts if this was to occur.

Oh thats what they meant by back to back regionals. Hopefully NY figures their stuff out before I am back in 4 years because this schedule makes it look like the planning committes don’t realize other regionals exist.

Its almost as if it seems as if blatant effort is being made to avoid the districts system.

This is a great schedule for out-of-town teams looking to do multiple regionals this year.

Not speaking officially…

I’ve been slowly working up to getting our team to 2 events/yr. My hope was this year would give us that option funding-wise, and it would be a matter of distance, logistics, and school permission/logistics.

With only options being back-to-back weeks (SBPLI being a whole other level of back-to-back) trying to make our transition a positive experience, as opposed to an exhausting one, is near impossible.

I’m really hoping for a Week 1/5/6 Utica event to try to make it happen this year, but as time passes it’s less likely.

Putting in effort to make new events sounds like the work of good RPC’s. I highly doubt any of the members intentionally walked into a room and said “Hey let’s make attending more than 1 event for these teams really difficult!”

Keep in mind that this area is ridiculously dense in terms of event activity, so booking venues may be more ridiculous than you think.

Reach out to the RPC’s for questions and input to find out why the schedule is this way.

Trust me I am well aware of how the region works atleast downstate (where the majority of the teams are). If you want to hear my full take you know where to find me.

I’m a little confused. Hofstra will host 2 regionals during the same week this year?

Yep. It will be SBPLI 1 and SBPLI 2. They are having two successive regionals to handle the load of all the LI teams, and the international teams that have made SBPLI their home.

Should be interesting to see it work out.

This schedule is pretty disappointing, and I don’t see it working well now that half the teams in New York (especially downstate) will be forced into just one regional simply because of the logistics involved in doing back-to-back events.

…or maybe that was their plan from the beginning to create more capacity?

A huge thing with the ways the regionals have been working out is due to the fact that they are hosted on college campuses.

Tech Valley - RPI
Finger Lakes - RIT

They are both private colleges in NY with the same spring break, therefore capable of holding a large event without disrupting regular instruction.

Hudson Valley & New York City are being held on the weeks 4 & 6 in my opinion as to not interfere with Week 3 or Week 7 so others can play at the other events, and also have enough fields circulating NY and logically have the fields move through the state and not add costs of transporting the field. As well as for NYC the Armory Track having their track season up until week 4.

Personally interacting with the RPC’s from NYC and certain people upstate and Long Island they definitely try to make the most logical schedule to benefit the most teams. However not everything always works out. But I’m sure they are always open to ideas. Especially NYC in regards to hearing everyone out (they really do read every single survey people send out)

(Everything mentioned in this post are my own thoughts and not representative of any organizations I am affiliated with)

Fair point, but when all is said and done, it’s not entirely unavoidable:

It won’t affect our team personally, but I fear that many south and east of us will be put in a very tight position.

Both Long Island events dropped. Back to back week 6 (more like week 6.5 as the event happens the day after NYC is done) and 7(which is the day after the first event is done).

After 5 years attending Long Island, 1156 probably will not be able attend, it’s too late in the season for us. We will miss Hofstra.

Coming up on 1 week until registration opens and we now have the same number of events for 2018 as we did for 2017.

Still hoping for oft-rumored Utica event to drop tomorrow in time for it to be an option for us.

Oddly, I can personally say it would be the only reason I actually wanted to go to Utica in my life. :smiley:

New event – Central New York Regional (aka the Utica regional), week 1.