NY Tech Valley Robot Rumble - October 4


Robot Rumble registration is open! Sign up here http://tinyurl.com/p49oq4e to join us at our inaugural robotics event in beautiful Upstate NY on Oct. 4th! #robotrumbleny

This is very exciting! A second off-season in “upstate” New York! I wish I could come and volunteer, but I have other plans that weekend!

So pumped. First a regional near us, now an off-season. The future looks bright for the NY capital region. :slight_smile:

I’m contemplating coming up to the event. Any interest in holding a NEMO meeting? (Non-Engineering Mentor Organization)

Are you signed up for Robot Rumble Oct. 4? Our deadline is looming, but there’s room for more teams. We’re flexible! Register today: http://tinyurl.com/p49oq4e

Is the current list of teams registered up to date? Just wondering?

Yes it is.

Very excited to be attending this event. This will be our first off season competition that our team has attended! We look forward to testing some drivers, some new pit members, and just having some good ol’ fun! Should be great!

We’re looking forward to having our friends from the North join us for this great new event! We’ll be putting some new info up on the page and tweeting it out this weekend :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to traveling to NY for the off-season!

Awesome! New York is beautiful in October :slight_smile:

I’m so excited to have an off season event in the NY capital region :smiley:

I lived in Clifton Park for 2 years and wasn’t involved in FRC at the time, but I’d love to be able to make this Off Season.

Sadly the day before my wedding!

I went to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum the morning of my wedding…

Just a note to all teams-
Registration for this event and payment is still open, and we want YOU to come!
Just go check it out at http://www.techvalleyfirst.org/robotrumble for more information and the registration page!

NYTVRR features some awesome teams you may not have competed with before from upstate New York, so you should join quick!

I will personally be one of the MC’s of the event (my first time!) so that ought to be interesting at the least!

So come to the Tech Valley Robot Rumble! You won’t be disappointed!

Currently we have these teams signed up:
Team 20
The Rocketeers
Clifton Park, New York

Team 145
Norwich, NY

Team 190
Gompei and the HERD
Worcester , MA

Team 250
Colonie, NY

Team 839
Rosie Robotics
Agawam, MA

Team 1493
Albany, New York

Team 1511
Rolling Thunder
Penfield, NY

Team 2370
Rutland, VT

Team 2791
Shaker Robotics
Latham, NY

Team 2809
Kingston, Ontario

Team 3044
Ballston Spa, NY

Team 4134
Amsterdam, NY

Team 4203
Otsego County, New York

Team 4508
Schuylerville Robotics
Schuylerville, NY

Team 5236
Man O’ War Robotics
Cambridge , NY

There still is space to register!
We also are hosting a Food drive for Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York. Donate from non-perishables ie. peanut butter, soup, canned vegetables to non food items such as paper towels. For more information go to http://www.techvalleyfirst.org/robotrumble/index.php?page=foodbank

Good luck to all of the teams participating in the first Tech Valley Robot Rumble, it’s going to be an amazing event :smiley:

I can’t wait! I’ll be taking the 4 hour trek back from RIT Friday night for this thing. Should be a blast.

With 14 teams present, is there any chance we could do 2v2 in qualifications, with 2 assists = 20 points? It would be MUCH less stressful on the teams involved in terms of match turnaround and probably just easier all around. For elims we could go back to 3v3…

I’m also curious if the random first pick rules will stay, seeing as that would currently make the entirety of eliminations completely random.

That would probably be good. Although we couldn’t do 8 alliances as only 14 teams are currently registered. I was thinking that they may do 4 alliances. 12 teams get picked. Normal rules can still apply.