NYC and Long Island Awards

When someone knows the NYC and Long Island award winners from later today, can you post them here? We at 103 are especially interested in the Animation award as ours is being judged at both of these regionals as part of the northeast conference. Thanks!

My team (263) won the Motorola Quality Award at SBPLI. 271 won the GM Industrial Design Award for their chassis, and I know 810 got an award for their robot’s bin grabber design (Made by my brother! :slight_smile: ). Wining the award was funny, because there were 3 of us in stands and the rest in pit. They called our team and we ran down there to get the award, I turned around and the whole team was there, they just flew right out of the pit and onto the field in record time! Heh, they jsut appeared, it was almost creepy. See ya later all

We ended up taking 5th, and won the Spirit Award. Yay us!


I was one of the four people judging at NYC. Your animation was pretty, but I feel it lacked much of a story. Either way you won, so good job.

Our Team 870, with alliance partners 514 and 569 won the SBPLI regional and we also took home the Entrepreneurship award.

Team 334 won the well deserved chairman’s award.


Team 19 won an award for best website. (watching the team though, it looked like many people on the team didnt’ even know they had a website.)

They also won another award. I can’t remember the name of it though. It emphasized effiecient, strong and i believe industrious design. Of course i find that award ironic because they were broken the two matches they had us as partners.)

Oh and 522 led their alliance of 421(the smith warriors) and my team, number 694 stuypulse to victory :D!!!

we won…Delphi’s “Driving Tomorrow’s Technology” Award and Sportsman Ship Award:D