NYC Area Blizzard

Ah my favorite way to start week 4. A potentially record setting snow storm, and an expected 2.5 days of cancelled school. This is the second year in a row where my team is getting locked out of our building due to weather, when we could be having so much extra build time as classes are not in session for state tests.

We’re in a similarly leaky boat. We missed Saturday and will now miss today, tomorrow, and possibly Wednesday. It’s all part of the fun!

My team feels your pain. We are in CT and have lost two build days already, not including today or what may be to come. Top it off with the fact that we don’t do Sunday’s, and for some reason haven’t been doing Friday’s this season.

Going to a very hectic next two weeks!!!

We already know that we will not be able to work today or tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll be able to make up some lost time by working longer this coming weekend.

Luckily for us, the snow that we got in Northern Jersey this past Saturday actually gave us more work time; we decided to add a meeting on Sunday to make up the time we thought we were going to lose, but ended up being able to meet later in the day on Saturday, too.

Same :confused: why does this happen every year :mad:

We’re being hit with the storm too. We already missed Saturday because we didn’t expect the school to be closed. Hopefully we will be able to take enough materials out of the school so we can work at someone’s house and be productive for the next couple of days. I just hope we don’t lose power.

Same. I would prefer not to have to take our operation into a mentor’s garage again in order to stay on schedule, but hey, ya do what ya gotta do. :eek:

So how many of you remember 2010?

Depending on where you are, and as much as it may stink, I might suggest not. With possible snow accumulation ranging from a foot and a half to upwards of over three feet, it may be in everyone’s best interest to simply stay home and off the roads for the next day or so. Let the DPW and first responders do what they must to get everything back to normal again, and stay out of their way. If it is a State of Emergency, no one should really be out and about anyway. We might all wish to keep on building and hate losing valuable time, but weather is weather.

Safety > Robotics.

I do…ironically that was probably our best year yet. Go figure. :rolleyes:

It’s nice to see a team with a plan rather than just a complaint. I’d be interested to hear how the other NE teams deal with weather delays, especially since they can be expected nearly every year.

I definitely agree that people shouldn’t try driving in this, but a lot of the team lives pretty close to each other, so we can walk (or ski as I did once in 2013 :)).

I feel glad to be located in the south, but that really blows! This is one of our mildest winters in years. Christmas was 60F and today is supposed to get up to 70F. Nevertheless, stay safe and I strongly encourage you NOT to drive on snow/ice. Most automobile accidents during winter storms here are from people from up north who think they are pro at driving on snow, to hard truth comes when its not snow, but Ice! STAY SAFE OUT THERE!

Surely you mean New England blizzard (which may impact the NYC area)

Good luck everyone and stay safe!

Usually on snow days we hunker down at our sponsor’s shop but its work to get everything we need out and its not ideal since most of the tools we need are back in the shop and then we need to move everything back and…

We’ll be taking the time off and work around it/plan ahead. We didn’t meet Saturday but moved to a smaller meeting yesterday where we made a good number of parts for the practice robot. This will slow us down mixed in with not getting waterjet parts back until the end of next week but we’ll work around it as best we can and not stress too much.

We do live in New England. Snow days and blizzards are to be expected and every year they show up and make a mess in late January/February so this shouldn’t be a surprise.

It sucks losing a day, nevermind 2 or 3. Just like 2013.

Actually, tomorrow will be perfect for testing our snowblower prototype, sized for totes…

My driveway is available if you need more test space :slight_smile:

Samuel Clemens once wrote " If you don’t like weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes."

We are all used to this. Its nothing new. Last year the Suffield Shakedown was closed early. We had snow in Atlanta and most of the lower states. First even gave a few extra build days or something like that.
New Englanders are strong and we will use our Yankee ingenuity to overcome this like we always do. If it helps you can just remember that some one always has it worse than you. Canada:yikes:

It’s just so painful sitting at home, knowing you could have been building a robot, had the blizzard not come, and knowing that you’re going to miss probably 2 more days this week, and have already missed 2

This is a great opportunity to work on the awards and write essay’s :rolleyes: