NYC Book Expo this Saturday -- want to go?

Hey FIRSTers,

This is not FIRST related.

I’m desperately trying to give away a free day pass to the Book Expo of America this Saturday. I bought it for $180, and then got picked to volunteer at the Horror Writers’ Association booth for all three days…

I tried to sell the non-refundable ticket to someone else, but have had no takers. So for a week I’ve been trying to give it away. Thus far, no luck. I’d hate for it to go unused if someone can make use of it.

Are you a book lover?
Do you live close enough to NYC to make it a reasonable trip?
Want to come to the biggest book expo in North America for free?

There is only one catch: you have to wear a name badge that says Patrick Freivald, but you’re not allowed to autograph any of my books!

First person to hit me up on any of the places I’ve posted to – CD, Twitter, Facebook, etc, gets the ticket. If you want it, call dibs and it’s yours (as long as someone doesn’t beat you to it).



  1. I know bumps are discouraged, but this is a special case.
  2. I live close enough to NY that i can throw rocks at it (and often do), and
  3. I love books. A lot.
  4. $180 is a lot, so it must be good if people are willing to pay that much.
  5. But I can’t make it (darn!). Hoping someone takes Patrick up on his offer. (and go ahead, give out a few autographs…:rolleyes: )

Thanks for the bump, Don, but alas it went unused.

IT WAS AWESOME. I met so many awesome people – actors and authors and agents and publishers and editors – that it all blurs together. Aside from my book signing, which exceeded my highest expectations, the two best moments were Morgan Freeman holding a door for me, and chatting with Jonathan Maberry for several hours (and he even fetched me coffee!)

Among the famous people I met are: the aforementioned Morgan Freeman and Jonathan Maberry, F. Paul Wilson, Jim Carrey, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Julianne Moore, Heather Graham (the author, not the actress), Jessica Lange (who signed a poster for my wife), Mary Higgins Clark, Marcia Clark, Matthew Innman (of The Oatmeal), Ellen Datlow, Rick Mofina… There’s more, but my brain can’t hold them all!

I saw Neil Gaiman and Grumpy Cat from afar, but was busy working the booth and thus couldn’t get close enough for proper fanboiing.