NYC Chairman's Winner: Epsilon Delta Team 116

This award was pending for you guys for quite a while now.
You guys truly embody FIRST and have helped influence countless students and teams in Northern Virginia Area. From Herndon Fair to National Air and Space Museum, you guys have put your hearts and souls in FIRST, and its good to see it recognized. WAY TO GO!


ps Now I’ve a new favorite for National Chairman’s :slight_smile:

I completely agree Mandi 116 Is an excellent team and certainly well deserving of this award, way to go, congratulations Epsilon delta.

Wow! Way to go Dave, Sean, and the rest of the 116 team. What a way to end week 6, the very last regional award.
Have you folks won this before? Sorry, didnt check yet.
If it is, that’s a long overdue award for you folks.

Again, congrats!:smiley:

Long overdue, but it’s so appropriate this occured on a week where there was only one regional event and the “world was watching” so to speak. Most people in FIRST know Dave and the thousands of hours he pours into all of FIRST every year. Fewer people know about his team, 116, which has been following Dave’s example of “service” since its inception.

Epsilon Delta flat out turns out incredible people every year (my team was lucky to have one as a mentor this year too :)) and the way in which they’ve consistently and quietly engaged a local and global community is astounding.

Congrats 116 and enjoy it!


That’s all I can think to say right now but I’m smiling big…


You guys do so much for FIRST.

As everyone else has said, this is long overdue and very much deserved.


Congratulations team 116! I was wondering when you were going to get a Chairman’s Award; it’s certainly well-deserved.

Could not have said it better.

I sure am glad I’m not a Judge this year. Plus the Championship WFA!!!
Holy Smokes!!! This is becoming difficult.

Congratulations Epsilon Delta!

I was fortunate to get the the chance to wish you luck right before your presentation. I’m glad to see it went so well. Thank you in particular for all the work you have done on both our trips to the Cannon House Office Building.

See you in Atlanta!

Congratulations 116!

Well deserved. Best of luck in Atlanta!

Now that’s pimp!

Congratulations, 116!

They have also raised the Israeli Regional Director =]

Oh oh! We got competition in the “Only One Chairman’s Win” category!:eek:

Nice job Epsilon Delta! :smiley:

Congrats to team 116.

I truely wouldn’t want to be a judge this year. With their entry, there are way too many deserving teams.

From the looks of it, you guys really do deserve this award. So congratulations all around.

O and…Epsilon…

Big congrats guys, I’m glad we’ll see you in Atlanta again!


Thank you so much for your kind words. We’re still high on the emotion of the event and the win, it was nothing short of spectacular. It’s truly awesome and humbling to be in the company of so many other outstanding teams. It was worth every bit of the thirteen years of work it took to achieve, and we’ll keep working for the next thirteen even harder.
To be honest, it’s just now hitting me that we won, and I honestly can’t stop smiling. We couldn’t have done it with-out the support of many other teams in many efforts. We’ve loved working with teams like 612, 365, 111, and many others over the years to spread the message of FIRST, as well as all the other NASA base teams in our joint efforts. We’re incredibly proud of the efforts of our alumni, who’s efforts even after they graduate have helped make this possible. Thank you all once again for your compliments, we truly appreciate them! :smiley:

I’m excited.


(edit) 13 years really? Dave was right, way to freakin’ long.

and not only are we eligible to go to atlanta for FRC/Chairmans, but Animation and FTC too? Now I’m really excited.

Congratulations team 116. You guy actually embody the message of FIRST and most certainly deserve to win a regional chairmans award. I guess we will be seeing you down in Atlanta!!! It has been fun working with you guys at the Smithsonian and during build season, good luck with International Championship Chairman’s 2008!

Congratulations to Team 116 Epsilon Delta for winning the Regional Chairman Award in NYC, the best, biggest and only week-SIX Regional to win your well deserved Chairman’s Award.

And I got to see it in person!!!

Best wishes at the Championship.