NYC/NJ-FIRST FRC New Controller Overview

Greetings! The NYC FIRST Mentor Technical Support Committee invites you to learn more about the new controls! Please read announcement below and RSVP as soon as possible. We are grateful to Glenn Gribble, Keith Hughes and the NYC Mentor Technical Support Committee for putting this presentation together. Many Thanks to Andy Woo and Consolidated Edison for hosting this event at their facilities, and to Team #340 for traveling from Rochester, NY to share their expertise with NY Metro area teams.
Con Edison Hosts NYC/NJ-FIRST FRC New Controller Overview
It’s a Pre-Kickoff Regional Team Meet-up!
When: Saturday, December 13, 9:00am-3:30pm
Where: 4 Irving Place, 19th Floor Auditorium , Manhattan, NY
What: Introduce FRC high school teams to a key new piece of the 2009 competition platform

Con Edison is inviting all FIRST teams registered to participate in the 2009 FIRST Robotics Competition to attend an overview on the new FRC controller . As you should know by now, FIRST is introducing a new controller and electrical system for the 2009 competition season. This overview session will be your best opportunity to learn more about the controller before the season begins in January. You can also meet up with other teams from the NYC/NJ area. Be sure to send a few members of your team, even if you think you already know everything because then you can be better prepared to help out others :-).

We are fortunate to have Team 340 from Rochester, NY (, demonstrating their robot using the new controller. Team 340 is one of the beta test teams who have been helping to get the bugs out of the system so it will be ready for everyone else. They will be on hand to answer detailed questions. You can read about the new controller before you get there, so that you’ll be better prepared to ask questions (

In the afternoon,=2 0we will have a few more presentations from New York’s own Keith Hughes on the new controller. Keith recently attended a National Instruments workshop on the 2009 controller in Austin, Texas, where he learned lots of useful tidbits that he will share with you.

Getting There: 4 Irving Place is just one block East of Union Square (at 14th Street). Easily accessible by Subway (4,5,6,L,N,Q,R,W). There are plenty of parking lots in the vecinity. Please google parking locations near Union Square.

Lunch will be on your own - Lots of places around Union Square.

RSVP: We need all attendees to RSVP by name by December 11th in order to get preregistered with security. Be sure to bring a photo ID.

To RSVP or for questions, contact Andy Woo, [email protected]. The NYC-FIRST Technical Committee would love to find out if you want to mentor a team or volunteer at one of our multiple events! For more details you can also visit our website,
Ana L Martinez
FIRST Regional Director
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Fenster Hall Room 358
Newark NJ 07102

We’re looking forward to sharing what we have learned about this new control system and are excited to show off the great capabilities of this system.

Kick-off is approaching quickly and we’re doing what we can to make sure teams all have a solid understanding of this system to we all can have a great 2009 Season.

Go Teams! :slight_smile:

great nice Rich
i will inform this to our team too


Everyone is welcome but please remember to register.

Have a safe trip down to NYC Team 340!!!

If you are a tri-state FRC Team and are coming to the presentation, please registered before showing up so ConEd’s security is notified or your are not getting in!


"Greetings Teams!

I am happy to inform you that FRC Team registration for the New Controls Demonstration at Consolidated Edison tomorrow Saturday 13th has exceeded all expectations! Over 200 FIRST members are coming, and more were requesting a space in the list earlier this evening!

Attached is the agenda for the day. We look forward to welcoming our peers from Churchville, NY Team #340 Greater Rochester Robotics (GRR) to the Big Apple! GRR is bringing two robots built with the new controls and will be sharing important information gained through the past months through their experience as BETA Teams. Keith Hughes and Chris Rodriguez, and Thomas Horan, of our FRC Technical Support Committee will build on this presentation and go over an in-depth look at the new controls system.

**Important: Please do not forget to bring an ID with you! It will be requested at the Consolidated Edison Security Desk as you arrive. **
See you all !!!

Director of NYC FIRST"

Thanks, we had a great time in NYC. Times square is CRAZY this time of the year. I would also like to thank Randy, Ana, Keith, & Andy for all of thier help. If you guys have any questions please ask.

If you’re looking for the presentation it can be found at:

** warning it is 2.3MB**

I heard it was a great turnout!!!

All of NYC’s FRC Teams thank you for making the trip.
You guys ROCK!

And thank you for the presentation.