[NYC/NJ TEAMS] *Seeking a Special Favor*- From Regional Director Donald Bowers

Hello all NYC and NJ FIRST teams, I was asked to post this on CD and I ask that every team please respond to this or the original email if it hasn’t been done so yet. Thank you in advance. And remember, this is from the NYC and NJ regional director so please respond.

Subject: Seeking a Special Favor - Bragging about YOUR FRC Team

Folks - I wonder if you might be able to share with me where your FRC team graduates in the Class of 2008 are moving onto? I am not interested in names of students and graduates! We would love to learn where the Class of 2008 graduates from your FRC team are headed.

Example: 10 Seniors graduated from our 2008 FRC team as part of our school’s Class of 2008!

3 are going to Rutgers - 2 for engineering
1 is going to NJIT for engineering
1 is going to TCNJ for engineering
1 is going to Penn State for engineering
2 are going to our County College for general studies
1 is going into the Navy
1 is going to work locally and study part-time at a college to be decided

We would love to be able to report for all New Jersey FRC teams where all team graduates are headed and if numbers so dictate, share with Rutgers or NJIT or where ever non-personal data on FIRST graduates attending such schools. Can you help me with this? Is it to big a deal to compile? I would like to have by summer’s end or the sooner the better.

FYI - we will be working with you and your teams to start tracking FRC team alumni with hopes of connecting with them - a tipping point that can really show how well FIRST is achieving its vision and mission - more later. Thanks for your help with the above. Please safely enjoy the Summer of '08! Donald

Donald H. Bowers
Regional Director, NYC/NJ FIRST

:slight_smile: Again, thanks in advance.

FRC Team 75, aka “The RoboRaiders” have the following:

13 Graduates:

Tufts University – Biology/Pre-Dentistry
Rutgers School of Engineering – Engineering
Mercer County Community College – Fire Science
Pratt Institute – Architecture
Purdue University – Industrial Engineering
Rutgers Honors College – Pre-Medicine
University at Buffalo, SUNY – Political Science
Raritan Valley Community College – Business Administration
Rider University – Writing
University of Hartford – Photography
Rutgers Honors College – Computer Engineering
Bucknell University – Computer Engineering
Rutgers University – Biomedical Engineering