Hi everybody,

To those who may be interested to view the photos from the NY Regional at the Javits, on 3/6/09 - 3/8/09, please visit

Lots of pics – at least 2000 images for everybody to enjoy!!

Tell your friends about it.


I’m amazed you took so many photos!
That’s like a photo a minute from the moment you walked in the door.


This is fabulous, like everything in NYC!

And nicely categorized too.

Thanks a million!
(Which comes out to about $500 per photo)

(Which comes out to about $500 per photo)

The pricelist will come out in a couple of days. I want to make it affordable to everybody. :slight_smile:

I had a great time shooting! It was such an experience; highly-recommended event to attend, I must say.

Thanks for sharing!!!

I was wondering if customers can get the actual computer file of the pictures??

YES. I’m uploading the original files so that people can download high-res copies (originals). The low-res copies will start at $1 per image - perfect for FaceBook, MySpace and team websites!

My target is to get everything uploaded before Easter Sunday.

I’ll keep you guys posted.