NYC Regional Footage Request

I’m looking for the Match 66 replay footage from Saturday at the NYC Regional. This is the match where our (Team 514) bot’s welds broke and the whole top end fell back. I really want to hear the announcer’s reaction to our catastrophic failure. I already tried 1796’s live stream and it is the only match that is not on there.


Our apologies for possibly missing archiving that match. We were having serious problems throughout the competition with internet connectivity and recording issues. We will look to see of we have any archived matches on the hard drive and get back to you.
Again, our apologies to any team who had issues watching the webcast this past weekend/ is having trouble finding archived matches.

Just curious if you guys found it. No biggie if you didn’t.

If footage can’t be found, let me narrate that failure and its aftermath:

We were watching 514 pretty closely during that match because we were scheduled to ally with them the next day against one of the toughest alliances of quals. When their robot broke in two our hearts sunk. Not only did the superstructure fail at two hard-to-repair locations, but it mangled their band tensioner mechanism. Repairs seemed unattainable - the pits were closing immediately, and would reopen only 1/2 hour before our match. We had a chat with them about removing the superstructure and leaving a pizza box, or at least bracing it in place so their intake would work, but it definitely looked like we would be the only bot on our side who could shoot.

Cut to the next morning. In under half an hour they got that robot repaired and fully functional and we won our match. Unbelievable. Well done 514!

Were any of the matches on the hard drive? We’re also seeking Match 66 as well as Match 2 and Match 77. Thanks again guys!

I would also like match 90 when my team (team 810) was the only running team on our alliance.

We’re sorry guys, we did not have the matches that you are requesting. Sadly the only ones that are posted are the ones available. Sorry again.

Alright, no problem. I figured that I would just follow up.

A HUGE THANK YOU again guys for recording what there already is!!! We were able to compile all the matches our team was in.

We posted them on our YouTube: