nyc regional moved!

first is considering moving the nyc regional! its tbd now

I wouldn’t be that surprised. Columbia likes FIRST, but were disappointed in students running around their facility. They repeated many times that they wouldn’t host it next year, if the students were using their exercising equipment. Plus Columbia was kind of packed last year, both in the pits and in the gym. I can’t really imagine expanding it any further, if you were there, you would know.

On a semi-related note, notice that none of the sites actually have a arena name listed, rather, they all just have the city and state…so more changes may be in store than we first realize…


/me dances and jumps in joy

i hope it’s a different date from SBPLI now :smiley:

i hope they make it the weekend before utc new england, hehe, nyc, utc, sbpli all back to back, so much fun in one month

Our team could try to go to three regionals in a month, but i dont think we could survive that much excitement.

On another note:-
w00t w00t!!
The NYC regional might be changed to another date

god, three regionals in one month would be amazing. of course, i’d have 9 teachers run and tackle me the day i came back. just two regionals back to back last year were so much school missed (my school has a 5 day policy). of course, i managed to sweet talk the teachers :D. i’d love to go to three regionals this year though. more chances of going to nats :p.

how big is Polytechnic Univ. If columbia won’t hold it maybe Poly. tech will. After all Poly Tech is undergoing major makeover and maybe just maybe Anna Martinez will have it in what you would call her own back yard. :smiley: All great regionals back to back thankfully im not in school to answer to the teachers but i have to answer to the NYC Transit Authority on why i missed lets see up to 12 days of work in a single month. MTA would not be to pleased :frowning: anyways Columbia was overcrowded and they thought it would be better suited if the pits were in the Gym and the field would remain on the B Ball Court. just so happend to much congestion so moving it the NYC regional else where would please most teams :stuck_out_tongue: