NYC Regional Pit Map

The NYC Regional Pit Map was sent earlier today to team contacts. Posting on CD to facilitate distribution.

2019 NYC Regional Pit Map.pdf (169.7 KB)

We look forward to seeing you at the event!


Thank You! Is there going to be a map of the Armory posted like the previous years?

Good question! I’ll ask.

High level it will look a lot like last year :). The key differences are:

  1. The area with the beanbags is moving to be on the track (so no food/drinks) instead of in the cage. It’s on the part of the track near the “crossing ramp” to get the practice field.
  2. Like many other regionals, we will have a quiet room.
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Do you know what the practice field will have? Will it be wood, or extra field parts like last year?

This year’s practice field is wooden.

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What about the lvl 3 hab platform?

The practice field HAB platforms are a black version of the same HDPE


Attached is the overall map
FIRST19_NYC_AGENDA_Map_20x30.pdf (647.0 KB)


Looking forward to seeing the teams on Saturday!!!

Thank you, Cant wait for this weekend!

Guess what. Updated pit map

Final Pit Map.pdf (168.2 KB)

The really final pit map. In that teams have loaded in so it can’t possibly change again. (And no Armory; that is not a challenge!)

2019 NYC Regional Pit Map FINAL_20190404.pdf (143.6 KB)

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