NYC Regional Thankyous

On behalf of team 237, I would like to congratulate all the teams at the NYC regional. The competition was excellent. I would like to thank Jess and Andy for keeping an eye on us and being a phone call away. And I would like to especially thank our winning alliance partners, team 358 (the Titans), and team 549 (the Devil Dogs) for their amazing team work during the finals. 358, you have an amazing defensive bot, I just love that pneumatic arm. Thanks 549 for your great ball-bot, awesome human player, and great tunes. There’s nothing like some good music while waiting on deck to pump the blood. 549, we would like to see a final copy of the video you are making. Congratulations to team 713, for winning the play of the day, you guys never gave up. And congrats to team 121 for winning the Chairman’s award. Thanks to all the adult mentors and volunteers for making this all possible.
Our next stop is the UTC regional, and then hopefully EPCOT.
I definitely plan on coming back to NYC next year, hopefully we will see you all there next year.

I was really impressed by your robot. Congrats on winning. It was good to be surrounded by such high quality teams in the pit. Good luck in Ct. and hope to see you in Epcot!

Team GRR