NYC Regional,the good ,bad and the ugly

Hi Rich. Coach of the Robo Wizards, team 522, McKee H.S. The winner of the 2003 NYC Regionals.We thought Riverbank State Park was a nice place for the competition. The pits had plenty of room for the 30 teams there. Might get a bit crowded if there were more teams. Playing field was beautiful. Seating was just about maximum for the amount of people in attendance. A bit uncoordinated in getting the robots out to the playing field, and a long walk for the teams to go from the pits to the field.Bathrooms were clean but no towels to dry your hands and only 1 hand dryer working.Food was very sparce, unless you were a big fan of boiled hot dogs. Kinda gets to you after 3 days.Would have been much better if they had some kind of concession stand w/ more choices of food. Level of competition was good, a nice mix of bots. Judges were very fair. Parking i hear was a little difficult but adequate. Very disappointed that there was no team social for the kids, it gives them a chance to inter act w/ the other students on a social and not a competitive level. All in all, a big improvement over Colombia. On a scale of 1-10, R.S.P. rates an 8.

Congrats to you and team 522 Alan. I wish Sparky could’ve been there, but it would’ve been a long trip, plus expenses, and we’re trying to save up for Nationals if we even go.