NYC Regional Winner needs sponsor for Houston!

Hello teams. As a coach of Team 522 The Robo Wizards from McKee Voc.H.S., S.I.N.Y. This posting is an impassioned plea. As the winners of the 2003 N.Y.C. Regional Competition, and also recipient of the Motorola Quality Award, we are faced with a dilemma. We are now eligible to compete in this years National Competition in Houston Texas, but the cost of sending our team there is rather prohibitive.Our team this year is made up of mostly freshmen and it would be a great experience for them to be able to participate there. So we ask if anyone out there would be willing to sponsor a winning yet very needy robotics team? Please get in contact with us as soon as possible as our time is running short. Thanks, and may all of this years teams enjoy success in this competitive season.

                     from Gloria and all the Robo Wizards on team 522 

please send all correspondence to:522 Robo Wizards coach

522, we know how you feel! I’m from team 388 in Grundy, Va, and we didnt expect to go to nationals this year either… Then we won the chairmans award in addition to being in the winning alliance of 384, 395, and 388 and the NASA/VCU Regional just a few weeks ago.
That left us with around four weeks to raise all the money we would need to go to Houston, we’re taking 30 or more people in and needed to raise enough money for the bus, hotels, food, additional trips and anything else that may come up… So, we can sympathize ! If i knew of a corporate sponsor, I’d love to help you out - but our team doesnt even have one for ourselves. We’ve hit just about every business in this town asking for donations, we’ve advertised in the local paper, we’ve been to the school board and board of supervisors, we’ve held car washes, yard sales, bake sales, and will probably hold a 5K run, just today we were filmed by the local tv station who are going to put our story on the local stations to ask for donations… we’re getting pretty close to our target, all without a corporate sponsor. i hope you guys find a big sponsor, but if not – these things are all well worth trying! Goodluck, see you in Houston!
jacqui, 388

My team has the same problem :frowning:

Team 19 would be willing to sponsor your project.
Please get in touch with our project manager Nick Nickitas at:

PS: You guys kicked butt in Regionals!

Winning the Canadian Regional (thanks 1088 and 378!!) just a few hours ago was such a surprise for us. We now have two weeks 'till nationals, and we don’t know what to do… We only have our school board as a sponsor, and they are not going to sponsor a trip to nationals. So we are in desperate need for a corporate sponsor and fundraising ideas. time is running out.
Anyone would like to help?? Please PM me…
Good luck to everyone in the remaining regionals and in Huston!!
Dina, 912

I know how you feel team 912. My team, 854, won the delphi driving tommorow’s technology award and we are now desperatly looking for money to go to the championship.
As is with your case our school board (TDSB) is sponsoring our entrance fee. However we need to raise at least 5000 to go to the competition. If you have any ideas or suggestions of how to get 5000 within a few weeks please email or post a reply. Congradulations to the winners of the Canadian regionals teams 912 1088 and 378 , awesome job.

I hope you all realize that if you want to goto the Championship, you must ship your robot from your last regional DIRECTLY to the drayage in Houston.

Im pretty sure (someone check on this) that if you took your robot home, or shipped it back home, you cant ship it to the Championship - since it was in your possesion between events, you could have been working on it (not allowed).

Again, someone double check this - If you took your robot home, you cant participate in the Championship - right?

Since your going to be in Texas, why don’t try to get funding from SBC Communications. If you contact them quickly, you might be able to get some money from them. Or you could launder some money through some overseas accounts…