NYC Robot

Does anyone remember the name of that robot at NYC? It was being driven by this man in a blue suit that always had his hand in his pocket and his left hand by his mouth.

There was a small riding platform, and it had a head with 3-DOF. There was also a small video display screen.

I keep thinking it is Savik or Salek or something like that. Anyone remember its name?

I think it was called “thing”, or “it”:smiley:

I know it said it’s name when it was talking to Dean during the award cerimonies trying to get a date with “Ginger”. I’ll review my tape tonight and see if I can get the name for you tomorrow!

Any luck? :slight_smile:

Yeah, I seem to remember it being called Ginger. I think “it” refers to the Segway

Ok to clear up any confusion, “It” “Ginger” and “Segway” are all the same thing. That was what Dean was riding all day long, the two wheeled thing!

As for the other robot I still have not reviewed my tape but I will tommorrow (I hope)!

The robot in question was the one who started the closing ceremonies by having the conversation with Dean who was on his “Segway”.

Ok that robot which was cruising the halls talking to people and also trying to get a date with Dean’s “ginger” at NYC FIRST regional is called “Si76”. I pulled that much from my tape but…good luck trying to find it on the internet I have had no luck what so ever!

It was a real cool looking thing too!

Hi remember the robots name because my neighbor is the engineer that built it( the guy in the blue suit :cool: ). His name is Robert Doornick, and the robot’s name is Sico VIII or Millenia. You can go see the robot and more at
If anyone has seen the movie Rocky III or IV then you have seen Millenia’s brother Sico II.

Thanks for listening and good luck to all in your reginals and at EPCOT.