NYC Transit strike is on!

Effective almost exactly 3.5 hours ago, the NYC Transit Workers went on a complete strike.

What this means for the estimated 7 million commuters is no Subway, Bus and even limited personal restrictions for driving.

4 or more passengers in vehicles only are allowed in some places from 5am to 11am.

Already I have seen reports of people walking an extra 20 blocks at least in this miserable cold we are experiencing in the Northeast as usual this time of year.

I hope this issue can be resolved soon.

If not, I hope this maybe raises awareness for alternative (personal) transportations.

Can you say Segway?

Even though I’m sure this strike will not last a very long time, for the time it does last, it will be a huge strain on an ever growing city such as NYC.

Thoughts? Comments? Personal Experiences with the strike??

Yeah, I’m planning to go into the city friday so i’m hoping the strike will be called off by then, but a Segway would be nice to have

I thought it was illegal for public service employees to go out on strike?

The air traffic controllers union pulled a stunt like this, back in the 80’s I think, and every single person who walked off their job was fired.

I heard about the strike on the news this morning. It’s because of that that my mom’s staying home today. She doesn’t know if she’ll be able to get to the work at all. Plus, she doesn’t like carpooling.

My understanding of it is that the strikers will be fined double the wages of the days they missed.

Personally, I think that’s a pretty low thing to do. I’m all for everyone getting a fair shake, but as a person who’s been to New York City, not having the subway system is a crippling blow. I hope it gets settled soon.

Not only that but the president of the union could see jail time. If you ask me, they should all be fired. They were being offered a really great deal by the MTA:

  • A 3 year raise package. 3.5% the first year, 4% the second year and 3.5% the third year.
  • Health insurance would be raised. They would go from paying zero to 1% of their salary.

Doesn’t seem like a bad deal to me. They chose to go on strike.

As much as I agree for them all to be fired, I don’t know how long it will take for them to ‘replenish’ the people lost, since NY is a huge city with the stock exchange, etc…the government might want to get the transportation up n running ASAP :S

Well that kind of screws up our CHristmas travel plans a bit.
We were going to take an Amtrak down to Penn Station and catch a commuter train to Port Jervis but we’ll get off a Pougkepsie(sp) instead and get picked up there.