Nylon spacers am-1306 and am-1307

We are missing the am-1306 and am-1307 nylon spacers from the basic drive kit and they are un available on the Andy Mark site. Does anyone know where we can purchase?

If you have 3d printer access, you can definitely print them yourself. Otherwise, maybe stack washers?

You can likely find a similar nylon spacer almost anywhere. Try either of these spacers from our old friends at McMaster-Carr:

.257 ID x .5 OD x .5 L White nylon spacer
.257 ID x .5 OD x .5 L Black nylon spacer

These can replace the am-1306. Both have an OD that’s a bit bigger than the Andymark spacers, but not too much and they’re way cheaper at about $0.15/spacer vs. the $0.50/spacer from Andymark.

.380 ID x .75 OD x .875 L

These are an almost exact match for the am-1307. Also much cheaper than the Andymark spacers at $0.64/spacer vs. $1.50/spacer from Andymark.

Probably the best thing you can do is order something like this, since the Andymark versions look to be out of stock until February for the am-1306 and they don’t even give a restock date for the am-1307.


thanks for the feedback all

Check your local hardware store(s). I have four hardware stores and three home centers within a twenty minute drive. Each of them has things none of the others have, even though these seven stores are part of four chains. You probably won’t find an exact match, but you may find something good enough or something you can cut (like plastic or aluminum tubing) to make a suitable substitute.