NYSoM - 2020 Finger Lakes Regional

Week 3

Finger Lakes Regional

2020 Finger Lakes, also known as the 2020 New York District Championship, also known as likely the only event to play in New York this season. With many local powerhouses playing even better than last season, and a number of outside visitors, this event is sure to be a must-watch, and possibly the last event, for the Northeast region.


  • 340 is coming off an undefeated, 15-0 run at the competitive Miami Valley event. Their autonomous could use some work, but they’re a top-tier trench cycler and sure to be on one of the top few seeds at RIT this weekend.
  • 3015 debuted a gorgeous short turreted machine on FUN Premiere night, and there are rumors of 10-ball autonomous routines that could put this machine at the top of the rankings.
  • 2791 was one of the first teams to switch events, as they were scheduled to attend the now-postponed Tech Valley and Central New York regionals. They’ve got another killer machine this season, but they’ve got some work to do to hit their maximum potential.
  • 870, Team RICE, is the returning champ, along with 3015. They’ve got weeks of practice under their belt, and a gas-spring extension climber that should consistently get them hanging on the generator switch.

The Contenders:

  • 1507 competed at Miami Valley as well, and was an excellent trench-cycling machine, when they weren’t having drivetrain issues. They always bring their A-game for Finger Lakes, though.
  • 5254 has a solid short robot with a 5-ball autonomous that steals balls from the opponent’s trench. There might not be a lot of HYPE for their debut, but it’s likely they’ll find their way to the finals.
  • 3171 is coming up from Long Island with a gorgeous tall robot with a consistent elevator climber.
  • 1559 competed at Miami Valley with a quick and accurate tall robot that has a devilishly good up-against-the-wall shot.
  • 1551 has built one of their best robots yet. It’s short, purple, and has a great trench shot that’s sure to incur the wrath of their opponents.
  • 1156 has come to the NY events for a few years now and is always a contender, winning 2016 and 2017 SBPLI as well as 2018 Tech Valley. They’ve got another solid machine. 1860, 1772, and 5800 are also coming from Brazil.

In the Mix:

  • 1511, 1126, 3003, 639, 4093, 120, 4150, 2716


Given this is likely the only NY event, we figured we’d throw out a little predicted bracket, just for fun. We expect to be very, very wrong, but this event is going to be very unpredictable given the quality and quantity of teams attending.

  1. 340-3015-2716 W
  2. 870-2791-578 F
  3. 5254-3171-120 SF
  4. 1507-1559-378 SF
  5. 1551-1156-1772
  6. 1511-1860-4150
  7. 1126-2228-6868
  8. 3003-639-4093

Anyone have video of 2791?

Really looking forward to watching all these teams competing;

Shaker’s debut and Mechanical Marauders’ defense are among the things I am most looking forward to seeing.

271 was amazing at defense last year, and I’m really interested to see how it will play out in this year’s game. Maybe they won’t play defense though, I have no idea, but I’ll look forward to watching them play nonetheless.

On a different note, I heard that they are foregoing practice matches in order to shorten FLR to a 2 day event; is there an updated schedule that has been released yet?

Just got word that the event is being cleared out

I’d like to thank all our alliance partners at FLR for helping to contribute to our undefeated season.


I know it’s been a long time goal of the team, but finally the 5Poofs and the Cheesy Poofs have the same season record.


I do

can you post now that 2791’s season is over? thank

CADs too

I really don’t think the best time to make this request is really one hour after their long-shot event got cancelled, while the team is in the process of loading out. Maybe give them a few minutes to grieve or something.


I was just waiting for predictions and the CPR for FLR. Too late.

dw we already got a discord VC going to sob together tonight

There will be video/documentation up in the near future

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Alas, would have been fun. Thank you to all the volunteers who tried their hardest to get us out on the field competing. My kids worked incredibly hard and created the best robot we’ve ever built; we hope to get to use it one of these months.

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Amazing, detailed predictions every year!!
It blows my mind that you know so much about so many teams and robots.
I always enjoy reading these every year!
Is NYSOM a group or individual?
Inquiring minds want to know!!!

Really wish we got to see how your predictions played out this yr…

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