( o 0 o ) Alternative Reality Game (ARG)

Welcome to the ( o 0 o ) alternative reality game (ARG)! Last season I created an ARG for my team where a mysterious entity left clues throughout the season which they used to figure out who/what the entity is and what its motivations are. They had so much fun with it, I decided to open it to the rest of the FIRST community. The game features original characters, animations, music, lore, and even different endings based on how you play.

If you would like to play, the rules are simple, a couple times a week the mysterious entity will post a clue in this thread. The first clues will be pretty simple, but they’ll get harder to solve over time. Please do not post solutions in this topic. I will create a separate topic that can be used for this purpose which I will link below. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the discussion topic. The first clue will be posted shortly. Good luck!

All discussions regarding the game should take place in this topic.

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