O Drive?

O-Drive doesn’t quite suffer from the same issues H-Drive does when it comes to strafing. H-Drive suffers when

  • Traction isn’t perfect (there is only 1 wheel responsible for movement out of the 5 touching the floor)
  • CoM (aka c.g., center of mass) is not located in the same spot as the sideways-mounted H-Drive wheel.

Yet when considering H-Drive vs O-Drive, a far simpler solution is Mecanum. Haters will tell you Mecanums “are bad”, get pushed around, etc, etc. Some of that is true, but those people also forget that Mecanum drives have specific advantages that most Mecanum teams don’t strategically take advantage of in design & programming. So figure/exploit those advantages, and Mecanum would be the right solution over O-Drive.

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