Obama to appear on Mythbusters

The article sums it all up. President Obama is going to appear in an episode of Mythbusters. He will be helping them test Archimedes’ solar ray, although I thought they already busted this myth?

Yeah, the mirror episode was the one with Woodie Flowers. I guess they think Obama is cooler than Woodie?

It appears that they get considerable mail on certain subjects. Enough so that the producers bring out segment to reinvestigate the premise based on the data they received. I think it is great that the producers listen to their audience.

There is a hotel in Vegas that accidentally made a “death ray” out of their parabolic shaped building.

They busted this myth twice; once with conventional mirror, once with polished bronze. Apparently, they’re going full scale with many, many high school students holding bronze plates. I don’t have high hopes for this myth, but it would be interesting to see. It’s also cool to have Obama in Mythbusters. :slight_smile: