Obscure Wind River Workbench Problem

So, I just finished (finally) installing everything off of the two disks, and opened up workbench. Following the instructions of team members who had successfully sent programs, i did target > New Connection > Wind River VxWorks…

But on this screen, there is no field for me to enter the ip address where there was for others, using vista or xp. i’m running vista. Here’s a picture of what the window looks like:


In other menus, similar problems occured, with various elements of the interface missing or not functioning.

Any ideas? If all else fails, i guess i’ll have to re-install, but if any of you knows a fix it would be greatly appreciated!

Off-hand I’d recommend reinstalling just Wind River.
Haven’t seen that one before though.

Are you running 64-bit Vista? I’ve heard rumors that there are issues with 64-bit Vista, though I’m not quite sure what they are.


I have exactly the same symptoms. I removed/re-installed Wind River, but that didn’t change anything. Then I completely removed/re-installed both LabView and WindRiver from the CDs again. Still no luck. I gave the same CDs to one of my students with the identical (Vista 64-bit) OS on a brand-new HP laptop (mine is a month old HP laptop…), and his installed/operated correctly the first time.

I also have no idea what is wrong. With the the loss of dialog/menu elements, it seems like perhaps a corrupt/missing class file or DLL? Maybe we missed an update or one failed or something…

Another thing that might be different is our Java/JVM configurations. Eclipse (the IDE underlying the Wind River Workbench) is implemented in Java, so there may be something going on there.

I’ll keep poking around on my system. Please post if you make any progress, or if anyone knows what’s going on here…

Well, i don’t wish this on anyone, but thanks for letting me know i’m not the only one. I went through the same process of you–reinstalling just windriver, then re-installing everything and it still didn’t work.

I am indeed running Vista 64bit, so maybe there’s something there, but i’m pretty sure one of my fellow programmers is also and his works fine. I could be mistaken. I have about a 3 month old Sony Vaio. I posted the problem on the FIRST forums but haven’t yet received an answer.

I updated Java before the last re-install, too, and same problem. If I hear anything, I’ll let you know. Keep me posted if you can get it to work!

I’m having the same problem. Did anyone find a solution?


I have the same problem, I just finished (finally) installing everything off of the two disks, and opened up workbench. Following the instructions. it is not working with VISTA
create a desktop icon. C:\WindRiver\workbench-3.0\wrwb\platform\eclipse\wrwb-x86-win32.exe
nothing there

Hi Yara92,

I’m running Vista x64 on a HP HDX 18 laptop. I just uninstalled everything, turned off antivirus and reinstalled but I still have the same problem. It sounds like Vista x64 isn’t supported?

Good luck to us.

Same issue here with my comp, I’m running Windows 7 64bit.

Welcome to the club wt200999. I noticed there is an install into eclipse option on the workbench help menu. So I downloaded eclipse 3.5.1, 3.4.2, and 3.3.2. I was able to install into eclipse 3.3.2. but still get the same problem. It appears that maybe its just a windriver problem in the menu that sets up the tgtsvr options. Maybe there is a file we can edit to set these options?

The install pamphlet that came with the DVDs this hear says the Windriver runs on XP 32 bit and Vista 32 bit. If they say that it doesn’t work on 64bit than I’m inclined to believe them.

I was able to get the VxWorks6x_10.xx.xx.2 connection to show up in the Remote Systems window by copying the /WindRiver/.wind/wtxregd.xxx file from a working installation and modifying it. I will test downloading to robot tomorrow.

I change my laptop to one with XP it is working perfect WindRiver

Vista 64 seems useable now. I was able to download and run code on the robot. Refresh of windows on resize seems a little flaky in workbench. The target console window prints data from the bot OK but if you type commands they come out garbled.

I just got word from Wind River. They unfortunately don’t support 64 bit editions of Windows for this version of Workbench. So while it might work, they don’t expect it to be fully functional.

Feel free to try it, but if you get any unexpected results, you might try the same thing on a computer with a 32 bit version of XP or Vista.

Also, I’ve been running with 32 bit versions of Windows 7 and it seems to work fine even though the “official word” is that we only support XP and Vista.

Great. So I have to get a VM running just to download code to the stupid bot?

Does anyone know if there’s a c compiler and downloader usable from the command line? Linux compatibility is a definite plus.

The point wasn’t that you need a VM to do this, the idea was that it works on a cleanly installed computer…

Here is some advice from WindRiver:
I’ve seen Workbench fail before with this message: “cannot execute command: cmd”, this basically means the Windows the customer is running on cannot find cmd.exe in it’s path, this is very unusual indeed.
The last time we saw this we made the customer add "%SystemRoot%\system32" to his path and then run workbench, in this case I’d suggest to alter the path and then re-install from scratch since postinstall might not work in such cases either…

You can update the path variable in the System properties (right click on the computer name in explorer), then properties, then “Advanced” tab. Then “Environment variables”, then under the “System variables” area, edit the one called PATH. Make sure that "%SystemRoot%\system32" is in the list, and if not add it using a semicolon to separate it from the other items in the list.

Since I can’t duplicate the problem, I can’t know for sure if this will fix your situation.