Occasional stutter in power

While we were testing our robot we noticed that our solenoids and other outputs would seem to completely loose power for about a half a second every 63 seconds.

We searched on Chief Delphi and found this thread from 2010 about a similar problem. However, the problem was never resolved.


We have tried running blank code, only enabling the solenoids, and we still had the problem. We ran the program with watchdog enabled and disabled and had the problem, and had the problem with watchdog completely taken out of the program. The whole robot looses power and the lights on our line sensors flash, and the motors seem to stutter.

Has anyone else had this problem? If so, did you find a solution?

We have found the problem and resolved it.

It was not a problem with our robot or programming, but a problem with the laptop we were using to communicate wirelessly with. There was some sort of virus scan running every 63 seconds that took up too much of the computer’s power and interfered with the wireless communication.

If anyone encounters a similar problem with power stuttering, I would suggest trying to run the robot connected with an Ethernet cable instead of wireless communication. That is how we discovered the problem.