OCCR, Placebo?

What is occr? and What is a placebo team? and What is a placebo bot?

I’ve heard these words thrown around alot, but have yet to come accross a definition.

OCCRA = Oakland County Competitive Robotics Association

It’s a local robotics league for Oakland County, Michigan area schools. Many FIRST teams compete in it during the off-season.

The Placebo is described below. OCCRA had a Placebo robot this year as well.

The placebo robot was used early in FIRST competitions before the alliance concept came into being. Three or four robots played against each other. When there were not a lot of teams sooner or later a match would take place that didn’t have enough teams to fill all the slots. In comes the placebo which either was driven by volunteers from the audience or just ran random around the playing field. The one year I remember, the placebo was a Hoover vacuum cleaner.