[OCCRA]: 2 quick safety questions...

i know plastic side shields (for glasses) are ok in FIRST, but are they ok in Occra?
Second, will the helmet for this year’s human player be provided by OCCRA or the school? and what type of helmet is it?

my bad… i just noticed the helmet in the parts list. but just as a side note… are we allowed to buy our own? and if we can, what kind of certifications does it need?

First you have polaced a question in the wrong section. Please look to the Q & A section above in the OCCRA Forum. Please post all questions there.

I will answer.

YES Both human players will need to be wearing the helmet. Please devise a chin strap of some kind.

AS far as side shields are… you may wear the portable side shields (like those provided by team 47 - who still may be doing so). This is because we allow NO grinding or dremel activity in the pit area - only hand tools.