OCCRA 2005 season

I’m a complete nut for robotics :smiley: , but was not able to do FIRST this year. I’m already trying to reorganize things for the team i’m on for OCCRA
(Robo-knights 802) for the 2005 season. However I really want to get more involved myself. Where is there information on volunteering, and etcetera. I know since I am on a team there are some things I would not be able to help with, but again I want to help in every way I can. I wanted to find out what to do early, because I don’t k ow when ya’ll get together and begin planning. Feel free to e-mail me back at Countrygirl523@aol.com, or just post a reply. Thanks a ton! :slight_smile:

When you posted this thread, you posted it in the Ultimate Robot Challenge sub-forum. This is a project, started back in summer the summer, to make a computer game based on the competition. If you would like your team to be included in the game, please contact me, but this is not the place to post about OCCRA.

I moved your thread to the OCCRA sub-forum. I was going to remove the [URC]: tag from the title, and leave a moderator’s note on the thread, but i realized that when i moved it to OCCRA, i moved it out of my own realm of moderation, so somebody else will have to do that. :o


For more information on OCCRA, you would most likely talk to Mr. Martus or Mr. McIntyre. Your teacher would have contact info and such.

As for what you can do, OCCRA always needs a little help with field set-up and take-down before and after the competitions. They also need field reset people during the actual matches. Since you’re still on a team, these might be the only options - however, I’d talk to Mr. Martus or Mr. McIntyre first.

Good luck!

Go 802!!! (yes i;m on it…)