[OCCRA]: 2008 OCCRA Easy_C Programming Template

OCCRA Teams,
Attached is the 2008 Easy_C V2 programming template for this season.
It features a 15 second autonomous period and 120 second operator controlled period. I needed to zip the file in order for the system to upload the file which contains a *.ECT (Easy_C Template) extension.

The process of using the template at Oakland Country Competitive Robotics Association (OCCRA)
competition events is as follows:

  1. Turn on the VEX microcontroller power (remove hand from robot).

  2. Turn on VEX transmitter with OCCRA provided crystal (one different one for each of four robots).
    This enables the autonomous period (15) of the OCCRA template.

  3. Press Start Button to safely begin the autonomous program for the VEX robot.

  4. At the end of the autonomous period (15 seconds), the operator control program begins (120 seconds).
    During the operator control program, the VEX remote control transmitter is now operational.

Dear Vex Teams,
Today I saw a real benefit to using the OCCRA VEX template that I didn’t realize. During the OCCRA Competition finals match, RO Ravens and Catholic Central were partners on the red, VEX Field. Both teams had autonomous capability and could score independently but were trying to score two autonomous field goals. They did achieve two field goals, however, it took 8 more seconds than allowed (second autonomous goal scored at 1:52- should we increase autonomous scoring period next year??).
Detriot Catholic Central achieved this task, without field reprogramming, by delaying the start of autonomous by using the start switch as outlined in the official start procedure.
So, RO Ravens scored in autonomous, then moved out of scoring position to allow DCC to get into position to score their own field goal (but 8 seconds too late).

Hats off to the first successfully scored autonomous dual Vex Field goals in OCCRA 2008 competition - and at the last match of the finals to boot!

Oh, boy the way, final Championship score was Blue Alliance 16 to Red Alliance 9. Blue (1213 - solo) scored 9 points on Vex field (56% of the final score). Red scored 9 points on the Vex Field (100% of the final score). Both Alliance Vex Scores effectively canceled each others and the Blue Alliance won by scoring two field goals (6) on the large field.

At least two semi-final match scores for RO Ravens was decided by the 6 to 9 points score on the VEX field. VEX scores have been proven to make a difference at the OCCRA County Championship Tournament.