[OCCRA]: 2008 OCCRA VEX Carpet Playing Field - Home Depot

The carpet selected for use on the VEX playing field is from Beaulieu of America and can be found at Home Depot.
The color is Perfection Paradise Green Model T480-4802-1200-LX. Thanks to Mike Martus for all his efforts in
resolving the VEX playing field issue. I’m just passing the info I found on the web to OCCRA teams.

Here is the 2008 OCCRA VEX Field update that we will be using beginning at the Holly OCCRA Tournament. The two footballs have been moved off of the white electrical tape lines leading to the goal and placed in a line centered 6 inches from edge of the field near the lower goal. A third football has also been moved and placed on the same line. The two remaining footballs may be place on the robot or touching the robot in it’s starting position. Please see attached jpeg.