[OCCRA]: 2018 OCCRA Over n' Out Q&A

Be sure to double check the manual before asking a question.

A new thread should be created for he question being asked, unless it is a follow up to a question you/your team asked. Do not piggy back on other existing questions.

Official answers will be given by either myself (Nick Coussens) or Jim Zondag, and will have a designation at the top of the post (OFFICIAL ANSWER)

Some questions may take a day or two to answer depending on if the Game Design Committee needs to discuss how to respond.

If a question is asked that is already covered in the game manual and supporting documentation, then a response with the rule number/page number will be given and you will be asked to go back and read the manual.

No responses should be made on Q&A threads by anyone other than those listed above that will give official answers.