[OCCRA]: 2018 OCCRA Over n' Out

The link below is a whitepaper upload of the game manual and supporting documentation for the 2018 OCCRA game, OCCRA Over n’ Out.

Link Here

Please use the official OCCRA Q&A on this forum for official responses.

Here is a link to the grabcad site with a STEP file of the Field CAD.

The Inspection Checklist PDF has been added to the post linked in the first page of this thread, or available at the link below. We apologize for the delay in making this document available.

Good luck to all teams in these last few days before the first competition. We can’t wait to see all your robots and see the first matches of OCCRA Over n’ Out played!

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I don’t see the file for Appendix D. I believe this was a file to be added, but it is still missing.

Sorry, we posted the file, and then had to pull it to fix error. I will post here when it is back up. Thanks for your patience.

Sorry for the delay; the inspection checklist is back up on the post, linked below.

Link Here

Hello all,

Below is a link to a video playlist of all matches from Saturday’s event. It was a great success and we can’t wait for Thursday’s tournament, where our team will once again be recording videos of all matches!

Link to Playlist

Thanks for doing this 3538! Perfect angle of the field to see everything. Looking forward to seeing everyone play Over n’ Out more on Thursday!

Hello everyone,

Videos from last night’s OCCRA tournament have been posted to our YouTube channel. You can click the link below to access them.

Link to Playlist

Hello all,

Videos from Saturday’s Diversity Tournament have been posted to our YouTube channel. Click here to access them.

Unfortunately, our camera battery died, and girls match 3 was not recorded as a result.

Hello all,

Videos from yesterday’s OCCRA tournament have been posted to our YouTube channel. Click here to access them.

Hello everyone,

It’s been a great season. Thank you to the volunteers who worked hard so that we could all play.

Match videos from the County Championship have been uploaded to the team YouTube channel. The alliance selection was also filmed. Click here to get to the videos.

Unfortunately, seeding match 3 was lost during video transfer, so we don’t have a video of that match.

For clarification - All playoff match numbers correspond to the bracket. The semifinals and finals matches are also labeled accordingly as well.

Again, thanks everyone for a great season!