[OCCRA]: 7.2 battery location

Question: Does the 7.2 cortex battery sit inside the elec box----velcro-wire-tie, all of the above, none of the above. Let me or know or maybe Mike Martus could post instructions on cd.

Answer: The required plastic box is required to protect ALL electronics from damage - saving teams $$$$$$$.

Please locate the Cortex, 7.2 Battery and 9V back-up battery inside the box for safety. It is in your best interest to locate the Cortex so it can be viewed and accessed to turn on/off the power. Also it is best to make sure the 7.2 battery is located for easy access.

Velcro is a great re-usable fastener that is fast and strong and is appropriate for all the above items.

CAUTION: Having a rats nest of wires is bad practice. Have wires and all connections to Victors, spikes neat and accessible as well as clearly marked. A “wiring map” is always a good practice and saves time when connections come loose and panic sets in.