[OCCRA]: A Big Robot Programming Question

As we were getting our control box finalized today, I turned my attention to the programming. After mapping some outputs onto the correct joysticks and buttosn I built and compiled like normal and downloaded it to the microcontroller.

“CODE VIOLATION” the robot blinked.

Figuring that I had done something wrong, I reverted to the original code, and downloaded again.

“CODE VIOLATION” the robot blinked.

After trying to download the original code several more times and getting the same result each time, I dowloaded the Master Code, and then tried again with the Original user code.

“CODE VIOLATION” the robot blinked.

Does anyone have any idea as to what could be wrong? The codes we tried to download had clean builds every time, and we’re using the '04 code - The oldest we have.

Some quick thoughts on your post,

Can you explain your setup to a second student? Sometimes this simple process uncovers a simple issue that you missed?

Do you have a second controller that you can try to see if you have the same symptoms?

Oh, How I wish I had other programmers to bounce this off of! All of the old ones graduated, and left me to teach the new generation:ahh:

I’ll go ahead and test the code and downloader on our exhibition bot tomorrow.

Ok, Here’s what I found:

  • The program works fine in the other controller
  • The OCCRA Robot Controller doesn’t blink “CODE VIOLATION” until it is tethered to a User Interface (Either the OCCRA or our '06 FIRST one)
  • I forgot to mention that during the Master Code update, as required by the instructions, I tried to verify the connection to the controller using the “Verify” command in the IFI Loader. It was unable to find a controller for the OCCRA controller.
  • The OCCRA User Interface works just fine in conjunction with the FIRST Robot Controller, but the OCCRA robot controller generates a code violation when combined with the FIRST user interface (as well as the OCCRA UI)

Mr. Center question: Any thoughts?

Mr. Mac/Martus question: If this thing is broken / messed up to the point where I’ll have to have someone look at it, can we substitute the 2006 FIRST Robot Controller we have? As far as we can tell, it’s the exact same as the OCCRA '04 controller, except that it’s labeled “FRC Robot Controller” instead of “2004 FRC Robot Controller”

Seems like your Robot Controller may be belly up. Continue development with FRC robot controller until you receive an answer about “officially” substituting the 2006 FRC controller for the 2004-5 FRC robot controller from McIntyre/Martus.
The first competition is one week away.

FYI. The primary difference between both controllers is program/variable memory. In the case of OCCRA controls, typically the team’s use just the base software program and there really isn’t any advantage to using a newer 2006 controller. If OCCRA were to replace a broken FRC controller, we would most likely borrow a 2004/5 FRC controller from a FIRST team because this hardware is now obsolete for future FIRST competitions (in 2009 the replacement control system is cRIO, National Instruments). If 2004/2005 controller is not available, we would similarly substitute a newer 2006-2008 model with more program/variable memory.

We have replacement units and yours can be repaired by IFI.

I will be at school Monday staying late with the OCCRA Team ( I wonder why???).

Give me a call.

If you need my phone e-mail the request to [email protected]