[OCCRA]:a few questions..

We have a couple of questions.
Does the 9 tooth sprocket on the drill motor count against the 18 that we are allowed to have on the robot? The rules say there are 5 sprockets sizes to choose from in the Kit of materials but this size is not listed. We just need a clarification on that one.
Are the quantity numbers in the kit of parts for the two different keyangs motors correct? We thought we overheard that you were allowed 4 with the integral shaft and 2 with the square hole in it. Was this a change from couple of years ago or were we just hearing things?
Thanks for any help on this matter.
Team RUSH 27

I will check on the sprockets and answer here in a few days.

As far as the number of motors, please refer to the kit of materials list your were given at the start of the competition. The list there is accurate.

Keyang with integral shaft is 2 (two) Keyang with square shaft is 4 (four).

All of this is on page 8 of the Robot Build manual.

The sizes of the sprockets are listed:12, 15, 30, 45, 60 tooth. (Page 8).