[OCCRA]: After the first OCCRA competition

Hey, now that a lot of us have been to a competition, does anyone think that there were any robots that stood out from among the others? Was anyone surprised at how the game was played? I know i was surprised at the lack of robots that could move the pointer (which always seemed to land on red initially). Im just curious.

I noticed that alot of teams - i believe none of them - put tubies on the arrow, and many teams just ignored the arrow completely. I fell that as the day progressed, teams began to focus on getting as many scored tubies as possible, just trying to be offensive and score more than the opponents did. This is my overall opinion, but I am only speaking for one team.

i wasn’t able to make it to the first OCCRA competition, but I am interested to know what some of the strategies were that other teams used. could someone give a basic description of some of the robots at the competition?

(by the way, i forget: having the arrow point to your color only gives you whtever points are sitting on the arrow, right? do you get any points if there aren’t any tubies up there?)

You get 5 points if the arrow is pointing at your side. If there are any tubies on top of the arrow, they are worth 5 points to whichever alliance the arrow is pointing to. However, placing the tubies on to of the arrow is difficult- I saw a few attempts by teams that has long arms. I cannot remember which robots specifically tried to put tubies on the arrow - maybe about 3 of them could. I never saw a successful placement though.

Team’s that attempted to put tubies on the arrow included 3 and 245. (245 actually came close a few times.) I believe several other teams might attempt this soon.

47 could shift direction of the arrow.

For the most part robots tried to shove or use an arm to put tubies into the holes. A few teams tried to remove them as well. (Blanking on the specific one…)

Most robots also tried to get back into the scoring zone at the end of the rounds, as well.

The first OCCRA tournament each year is always real shakey; I predict that tubies are getting placed up top at PNHS (although still not many) and I think we’ll start to see a lot more going in to the ramps. We have not seen much fighting for the arrow yet, but that’s coming too!

Hazel Park High School would like to thank all those who participated in the first competition and we would also like to thank Mr. Mcintyre for letting us pick up a new motor at the upcoming PNHS competition.

Chief Delphi was able to place tubies on the arrow successfully, around 1 or 2 per match, and a couple of teams began pushing the arrow around. Descoring also came into play at PNHS. So far, the Mr. Mac’s predictions have been coming true, and I feel that there will be a bigger battle coming for the high-scoring arrow.