[OCCRA]: Another Scoring Question - Pushing Crates

At the kickoff it was stated “only one crate” and that included ‘pushing’ but rule GR17 states:

“Robots may freely push or plow crates regardless of whether they are carrying a crate”

This sounds like a robot can grab a crate and still push more

Will we be allowed to “Hold” one and push two more?

Version #8 of the Rules clarifies this point: incidental pushing or plowing of CRATES is inevitable and expected–the refs will not call any penalty.
If a robot is (in the ref’s opinion) deliberately attempting to control the movement of a CRATE by pushing it along the floor, a penalty will be called (regardless of whether the robot is carrying a CRATE or not.)

Obviously, a robot that has a plow built onto its front end will have a harder time convincing refs that their pushing of CRATES is unintentional!