[OCCRA]: any other videos out there?

i know other teams out there have been taping their matches, (myself, 47, 245, and 1188, all have matches on youtube to my knowledge) and i was wondering if any other teams would like to post them up and share them. im currently editing this year’s matches from 203 and they should be up some time this week. i am also missing a few matches and would like to see them in particular (such as the fourth match against 47/33 in the semi-finals), so if you have them it would be much appreciated.

If I have any videos on my dad’s video camra.I will give u them.

hey if you could get me a digital copy of your videos from final that would be great im am also trying to piece together another highlight film, and i got some really great stuff to work with but i need some more especially defense like us 2 blocking fieldgoals.

email (although puting it here to download would be better): [email protected]

PS, here last years highlight film if people are intrested. it has music edited too get speakers out.

whoops doubleposted…

ill try and get them to you, although as stated there is atleast one missing match, the one where every single thing went wrong on both sides. and i have seen your video from last year.

Team 245 has all of our matches recorded in HD, but only the matches we played in. I have one match from Roeper uploaded here and the rest of our videos will be up there and our website by the end of the week.

Ok i will send the final matches if i have them.

Thanks everyone, i think occra might release some videos and pictures themselves we got a disc of them last year i remember with some stuff. :slight_smile:

My brother mentioned that we’ve got our matches in HD and I just wanted to add that we’ve posted many more since he made that post.

We currently have 5 videos up and they can be viewed in the following places:
AdamBots.com - Video Gallery
AdamBots Vimeo Channel (Full HD)
OCCRA Vimeo Channel (Full HD)

(Creds to our dad for taking the video)

If you’re an OCCRA team that has videos on Vimeo, please add them to the OCCRA Vimeo channel so everyone can find them in one spot!

Also, we’re in the process of finishing uploading all our pictures from this year’s season. Check those out!

Srry, I couldn’t find any videos of the finals.